Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy

Flanked on three sides by the Adriatic, Ionian, Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, Italy is home to some of the finest marinas catering to the rich and the famous owners of luxury superyachts. The beauteous seascape, genial atmosphere, and host of amenities make it a memorable experience for the passengers and the crew onboard.

Here are the best superyacht marinas in Italy where you can decide to stopover.

Marina Stella del Sud, Valentia

With its picturesque location and friendly ambiance, this marina offers a perfect place for your superyacht to berth. And while the vessel gets its necessary maintenance services, and the crew rests, you can enjoy the attractions and activities here. Built around 250 BC under the order of Agathocles, this harbor is known for its historical connection.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Marina Stella del Sud Valentia

Marina Grande, Capri

On the foot of Mount Solaro sits this beautiful tourist harbor in charming Capri. Let your superyacht dock here for some time. And enjoy a stay at a romantic villa, eat at a quaint restaurant, relax on the Marina Grande’s beach, explore the ruins of the seaside villa built by Tiberius in Palazzo a Mare or have some fun in the Bagni di Tiberio beach club.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Marina Grande Capri

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Porto Cervo Marina, Sardinia

Crystal waters, beautiful yachts, and bright lights make this marina on the Mediterranean quite a stunner. You can just sit and admire the scenic beauty of the surroundings. But that’s not all. Being the hub of activity on Costa Smeralda, this marina offers access to rich residences, elegant eateries, superb shops and so much more.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Porto Cervo Marina Sardinia

Porto San Rocco, Muggia

A lovely landscape, a world class marina, and a multitude of amenities – do you really need more? Relax with a massage at the salon, hire a bike and explore the neighborhoods of Muggia, get a taste of Viennese heritage at the Caffe Tommaseo, the oldest café in Trieste, or indulge in Italian delicacies atop a hilltop restaurant.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Porto San Rocco Muggia

Portofino, Liguria

The pictorial harbor at the little fishing village of Portofino is your ideal destination if you have a fascination for the past. With its association with celebrity visitors, this place is replete with historic charm. And while you are here, don’t forget to visit the attractive beaches of Paraggi, Lavagna, Camogli.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Portofino Liguria

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Marina di Cala del Sole, Sicily

Appropriately equipped with the right services for superyachts, this marina set in the ancient Licata City also offers some interesting opportunities for the passengers and the crew. Whether you want comfortable accommodation or operational conference center, a green lawn to relax or a gourmet meal to savor, this marina has it all.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Marina di Cala del Sole Sicily

Marina di Portisco, Sardinia

Remarkable wind-sculpted granite peaks, the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, the magnificent oaks, and the sweet scent of myrtle create a sensual seascape here. And once you have decided to berth your superyacht, you can get a glimpse of the archaeological sites, visit the ancient ruins or discover the well-conserved ecosystem.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Marina di Portisco Sardinia

Porto Mirabello, Gulf of La Spezia

Sheltered by the Tino and Palmaria islands and a considerable breakwater, this marina uses the latest technology and the best professionals to ensure proper care of superyachts. Stay at a villa with 360° views, get a taste of the finest beverages at the wine bars, eat at the quintessentially Italian bistros, and enjoy your leisure in luxury.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Porto Mirabello Gulf of La Spezia

Marina Molo Vecchio, Genoa

Fully-serviced berths and expert staff make sure that your precious superyacht is in safe hands. And once you are sure about this, you can go ahead and explore the opulent palaces and delightful alleys, get a soak in the swimming pool in summer or go for ice skating in winter, and while away your time tasting the delicious dishes on offer.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Marina Molo Vecchio Genoa

Portosole, Sanremo

The Town of Flowers is home to one of the best superyacht marinas in Italy. With its shipyards, ship chandler, boat repair workshops, nautical agencies, boat upholstery service and such other facilities, it is ideal as a stopover. And you can relax and have some fun while your yacht gets ready for your cruise.

Top 10 Superyacht Marinas in Italy Portosole Sanremo

Wherever you are headed to, plan a stopover at any of these first-class marinas in Italy.

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