Top 5 City Escapes for Couples

Today’s busy life and hectic schedules often make it difficult for couples to spend time together. Don’t fret; a simple solution exists. Book your tickets, pack your bags and go on a vacation someplace far, far away from your work, your Smartphone and your laptop. We have rounded up some known and some offbeat city escapes for you and your beau or beloved.

Paris (France)

, the famed city of love, impresses with its grandeur and charms with its quaintness. Visit the well-known landmarks, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral and many more. But that isn’t all; have breakfast at a pretty little café, walk through the Parisian neighborhoods, shop at the uber stylish Parisian boutique, and experience fine dining at its best at a Michelin-starred restaurant.


Cabarete (Dominican Republic)

, a sophisticated beach town, has grown up from its sleepy roots as a small farming village. Stay at a chic hotel, dine at a beach restaurant and explore the winds and the waves with your partner. A host of activities including hiking, cascading, windsurfing, riding and kite-surfing cater to adventurous couples. Or, just relax on the beautiful beach with your favorite drink.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Ambergis Caye (Belize)

, a virgin tropical beauty, offers the ideal place for romance. The lush mangrove swamps in the central part of the island give way to picturesque beaches. Diving and snorkeling gives the opportunity to explore the vibrant colors of the barrier reef. An idyllic cruise on a catamaran is another lovely way to spend time together. The little huts and the two-person hammocks offer perfect stay for couples.


Auckland (New Zealand)

, the beautiful city of volcanoes, presents a multicultural facet for first-time visitors. Be it the crowded Victoria Park Market or the solitary Piha Beach, this city offers myriad attractions for couples. If you want to catch Auckland at its best, plan your trip to coincide with the events and festivals such as the International Cultural Festival or the Wine Festival.


Buenos Aires (Argentina)

, the sensuous tango city, offers a jumble of experiences for the adventurous couple. Colonial gems and swanky neighborhoods, flea markets and posh boutiques, gourmet restaurants and crowded parrillas (steak joints) – the juxtaposition of old world charm and new age fantasies make this city a platter full of contrasts. Whatever your tastes and inclinations, you would not be bored for a moment!


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