Top 5 Luxury Hotels for Celebrating Halloween

Too old for trick or treating? There’s still much frightening fun to be had at Halloween.

Creaky floorboards, mysterious figures in the shadows, bloodcurdling screams… fancy a stay in one of the world’s most haunted hotels or an extravagant night at a masquerade ball?

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We’ve tracked down the most hair-raising Halloween events at some truly luxurious hotels. But be warned: these occasions aren’t for the faint-hearted!

1. Stanley Hotel Paranormal Investigations

There’s something strangely familiar about the Stanley Hotel in the remote Colorado Rocky Mountains. Fans of Stephen King’s bestselling horror story, The Shining, will instantly recognize the similarities to the infamous Overlook Hotel. In fact, the hotel is said to have inspired the author to pen his terrifying novel.

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The Stanley Hotel is one of America’s most haunted houses. Guests regularly report items being moved in locked bedrooms, lights turning off and on by themselves, unexplained cold spots and the sound of children playing when there’s no children checked in. What better venue for a spooky night on October 31?

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For the most spine-chilling experience, join one of the Paranormal Investigations. These 5-hour tours take you to the hotel’s most haunted areas in search of paranormal activity. Or simply book room number 217; if a night here spooked Stephen King, you know it’s got to be scary.

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2. The Shining Halloween Party at The Liberty Hotel

Continuing The Shining theme, let The Liberty Hotel in Boston transport you to Overlook Hotel for their The Shining Halloween Party.

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The Liberty may now be a luxury hotel, but its grim past makes it the perfect setting for a Halloween hotel night. For 120 years, this 19th century building housed Boston’s most notorious criminals. Considering this former prison closed after riots over poor living conditions, who knows what unspeakable horrors occurred here.

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But before you settle down for a night of solitary confinement – the hotel’s Do Not Disturb door hangers are jailer’s keys with a “Solitary” sign attached – the Liberty Hotel promises you an unforgettable night of horror-themed festivities with DJs, cocktails and costumed guests.

3. Halloween Masquerade Ball

From The Phantom of the Opera to Labyrinth, there’s something a little eerie about a masquerade ball. But perhaps it’s the mystery of who hides behind the mask that makes these opulent gatherings so alluring.

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Great John Street Hotel in Manchester, UK knows how to throw the most glamorous of Halloween masquerade balls. Held at the Victorian townhouse’s plush Oyster Bar, this black tie and mask event oozes sexiness and sophistication.

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On arrival, you’ll be greeted with an autumnal cocktail before enjoying entertainment from the in-house magician and some classic Halloween games – apple-bobbing, anyone? After a Halloween-themed three-course meal and joining other masked revelers on the dance floor, you can sleep off the night’s excess in one of the hotels sumptuous suites.

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4. Halloween at the Hotel Vancouver

The biggest night of the year in Vancouver isn’t NYE; it’s Halloween at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

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Hundreds of guests in convincing costume attend this popular party held at the château-style hotel. This promises to be a spectacular night with six DJ rooms, an erotic Vegas-style show, a Day of the Dead fiesta, a costume contest and a comedy show séance to call forth the hotel’s famous phantom, the Lady in Red.

After the big event, a few nights rest in one of the hotel’s grandly decorated bedrooms will certainly help you recuperate, with an indoor pool, state-of-the-art health club and spa at your disposal.

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5. Ghost Sits at Muncaster Castle

If you don’t consider it Halloween until you’ve had the scare of your life, then dare yourself to spend a night in Muncaster Castle’s Tapestry Room.

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What could be more terrifying than a night at a haunted castle? This 11th century castle on the lonely English moors has seen a lot of history and is now a hangout for scientists studying the paranormal. None has yet to explain the strange occurrences.

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Stories of disturbed nights, doors opening by themselves and the sound of a child crying has enticed many brave souls to spend a night in the Tapestry Room, the castle’s most haunted room. Spend a sleepless night beside the Elizabethan fireplace, hearing tales of ghostly residents and wondering; did you just see something in the shadows… or did you just imagine it?

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