Top 5 Seville experiences

Seville is famous for its oranges, but this fascinating city offers so much more to travellers who venture this far into Spain. From small luxury hotels to fine dining options, Seville has something for everyone. Here we present the top 5 Seville experiences that every visitor to the city should be sure to enjoy.

Cruise around Santa Cruz

The city’s Santa Cruz area is packed with tapas bars thronged with locals during the evening and offering a fantastic tour of Spanish cuisine. The atmosphere is crowded and busy, but throw yourself in at the deep end and you will experience some of the finest tapas that Spain has to offer. Most tapas bars are open until the small hours, so do as the Spanish do and tour from one to the next, enjoying a drink and a tapa at each one, then moving on.

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Stay in style

The Hotel Palacio de Villapanes offers a luxury travel experience that cannot fail to impress. From its majestic suites to the intimacy of dinner in the old winery, elegance and luxury abound. What makes the hotel stand out from the crowd though, is its spa and wellness centre, where the power of water and light are harnessed in order to cleanse and refresh the senses. This is definitely one Seville experience that is not to be missed.

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Picnic in the park

With your senses refreshed, head out into the daylight for a picnic in Maria Luisa Park. This vast public park provides hours of entertainment as travellers find statues, fountains and lakes tucked away within the lush greenery. Take a picnic and explore until your appetite gets the better of you, then cosy up beneath the ancient boughs for a long, relaxed feast in this green paradise.

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See Plaza de España at sunset

Towards the end of the day, head to the stunning Plaza de España on the edge of Maria Luisa Park. This huge, semi-circular building is an incredible display of architectural talent, while the tiled alcoves offer a lovely tour of the Spanish provinces. The magic begins the moment you cross the moat to entre the Plaza de España and those lucky enough to see it at sunset will enjoy it at its finest.

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Fall in love with Flamenco

Seville is rumoured to be the birthplace of Flamenco (though several Spanish cities make this claim) and is one of the best places in the country to see this powerful and passionate dance from in practice. Los Gallos Tablao Flamenco in Santa Cruz is one of the best places to see it, so combine a visit there with a tapas tour for the perfect evening.

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