Top Ten Best Casinos in Las Vegas

A quest for fun, excitement and adventure comes to an enjoyable end in Las Vegas or more specifically, in its exotic casinos. Casinos offer the perfect atmosphere for thrill-seekers and when it is a state-of-the-art casino in Las Vegas, entertainment and enthusiasm doubles up. Whether you’re learning the game or a seasoned player, make a trip to some of the world’s finest casinos in this effervescent city to savor a thrilling gaming experience.

In case you’re a bit troubled amidst so many superb choices, here is a list of ten best casinos in Las Vegas.


Red Rock Resort

In close proximity to the beautiful Rock Canyon National Conservation, Red Rock Resort promises to gift you the best gambling experience. The assortment of games is impressive, with more than 3,000 slot machines, table games and video poker games. So, pick your favorite, brace your luck and take pleasure in the game.

 Red Rock Resort - Top Casinos in Las Vegas



The dancing fountains in front of Bellagio and the glass sculptures at the lobby never fail to captivate. But, if you are a gambling enthusiast, the resort’s spectacular casino with 50 poker tables will invite you to an equally spellbinding arena. Sip a refreshing cocktail at one of the upscale bars here and settle down for a fantastic game.

Bellagio - Top Casinos in Las Vegas


Wynn Las Vegas

Luxury travelers love to stay at Wynn Las Vegas which also, offers alluring gaming opportunities like, the 5,000$ slot machines. There are table games and lavish poker rooms as well. You’ll love the quiet ambience at the Wynn casino. And when gaming is not in mind, exploring the magnificent hotel is a great idea.

Wynn Las Vegas - Top Casinos in Las Vegas


Caesars Palace

Creating the charm of ancient Roman era, Caesars Palace associates to everything royal. From million dollar slot machines to the largest poker room in Las Vegas, the casino redefines opulence. Enjoy your gaming in the casino’s lively and classy atmosphere.

Caesars Palace - Top Casinos in Las Vegas


Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay comes with all that one seeks for a fabulous night out in Las Vegas. If you wish for gaming excitement, this place awaits your arrival. Lush décor, lovely environment and a wide range of games to choose from, the casino lets you enjoy to the fullest while you get ready to hit the jackpot. Don’t forget to celebrate at the nightclub with flavorsome dishes and colorful cocktails.

Mandalay Bay - Top Casinos in Las Vegas


The Venetian

The action-packed poker rooms make The Venetian a favorite destination for many gambling aficionados. Styled on ancient Roman culture, the casino will mesmerize you with plush decorations and an upscale gaming environment complete with a variety of games.

The Venetian - Top Casinos in Las Vegas


Paris Las Vegas

If you are passionate about table games or in search of a casino with a fine assortment of slots, Paris Las Vegas is your ideal destination to let loose your passion and place the best bet. And while you aren’t gaming, relive Paris as the splendid casino hotel offers views of the stunning Bellagio fountains from Eiffel Tower (a replica) and presents delectable French cuisine and a scrumptious selection of champagne.

 Paris Las Vegas - Top Casinos in Las Vegas


The Palazzo

The Palazzo is the place to head for if you’re a big poker enthusiast. You’re sure to get enthralled by the European-styled casino which welcomes to a huge poker room with a chance to roll for high-limit poker. Like its sister property the Venetian, the Palazzo offers everything marvelous, be it luxurious accommodation, delicious dining or awesome gaming.

 The Palazzo - Top Casinos in Las Vegas


Treasure Island

Exquisite in its truest sense, Treasure Island is a haven for casino lovers, especially for those nurturing interest in slots and different table games. It has become a preferred spot for most craps lovers. Elegant wines, a wonderful party-scene and the nearby Fashion Show Mall further enhance the experience at Treasure Island.

 Treasure Island - Top Casinos in Las Vegas

Casino Royale

If you’re a James Bond movie buff, you’ll certainly be familiar with the name. And if you’re a true casino lover, you can’t afford to miss Casino Royale. As one of the most popular casinos in the city, it comes with the latest games and caters to players with different choice of games. Whether you take your seat for slots or prepare for your favorite table game, the real excitement starts once you make your choice.

Casino Royale - Top Casinos in Las Vegas

Truly, there is no place like Las Vegas which doesn’t shed off its vivacity even for a moment. Such is the charm of the city where sleep refuses to prevail and fun isn’t ready to stop. And when it comes to fun in Las Vegas, casinos are the biggest attraction. So, plan your trip now.

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