Traditional Easter Events in Maremma Tuscany

Maremma (southern Tuscany) shines in its entire splendor at Easter time: spring has just arrived and the days are longer and sunny, providing the perfect setting for walks, bicycle rides, horseback riding, golfing and sailing. Only the most courageous of you will dare to swim in the sea, however you can enjoy the beaches by basking in the sun and enjoying a fresh seafood meal.

Natural beauty and mild weather apart, Maremma offers a ton of traditional events throughout the week of Easter, such as food festivals, regattas, exhibitions and religious processions.

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Among the most spectacular events is the annual Pasquavela (the name being a combination of Easter+Sail), which is a 5-day sailing regatta that ends on Easter Monday. The race takes place in the waters of Porto Santo Stefano, and the colorful sailboats can be admired from the seafront.

Golf is another sport that gathers many enthusiasts, both Italian and foreigners, in Maremma. For example, at the Argentario Golf Club there are golf competitions including the Easter Golf Trophy on Sunday 5th, and the gourmet Mediterranean Flavors tournament on Easter Monday 6th.

On the evening of Good Friday, many local villages – such as Santa Fiora, Castel del Piano, Porto Santo Stefano, Montorsaio – organize processions to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus. In Roselle, Grosseto, there is an actual Easter Passion Play with about 200 participants.

Religious events continue on Easter Sunday, when all churches celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Something beautiful takes place in Porto Santo Stefano, where a long procession crosses the historic center at sunrise and reaches the seafront, where a sea-blessing ritual takes place as the boats docked in the harbor play their horns.

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Other things you can enjoy during Easter week in and around the Argentario in Maremma include a visit in the Tarot Garden, which reopens on 1 April 2015; and a drawing workshop with Scottish artist Keith Brockie (WWF Oasis of Orbetello and Burano, 3-4-5 April 2015).

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