Trip to Paradise: Musha Cay

When talking about the beautiful Bahamas it’s easy to throw around terms like magical but Musha Cay is actually owned by one of the great illusionists of our time – David Copperfield. This is a trip to paradise.

Trip to Paradise

This is no ordinary sweep of pure white sands and soft glinting turquoise waters, this is an island where guests can stumble upon the fountain of youth, can duck down into an underground city and can take part in a wild treasure hunt.

Trip to Paradise 1

Musha Cay has long been a draw for celebrities seeking five-star bliss with a hint of surrealism in the depths of the blue Bahamas. From Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates, Johnny Depp to Penelope Cruz, many red carpet celebs have flocked to the private shores of David Copperfield.

Trip to Paradise 2

Surrounded by private seas, water babies are sure to delight in the pleasures the crystalline waves have to offer, whether you want to lazily lie on the edge of the surf and dream a little dream or whether you prefer to pick up the speed on the playful wave runners and water skis. Those with a penchant for sailing can choose to spend a day out in the blue on the expensive amphibious catamaran.

Trip to Paradise 3

Back on land and you can curl up under the stars at the magnificent open air cinema, test your racket in the world-class tennis court and wander around the island admiring the sweet breath of the tropical flowers.

Trip to Paradise 4

The Secret Village is one of the star attractions on the bay and once you enter the cavernous world you will be greeted by tumbling playful monkeys wishing to cuddle and climb.

Back in the blaze of gorgeous tropical sunlight you can take part in the treasure hunt, a giddy trek that will lead you through caves, waterfalls, hidden trails and across majestic pure white sands.

Trip to Paradise 5

For those seeking a beautiful beach holiday with a unique twist, where lying on the sands is only a punctuation mark rather than a full stop then the illusion of Musha Cay is as real as can be.

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes is a seasoned writer and an avid surfer with continuously itchy feet and a love of the finer things in life. After traveling through the continent with a touring band, living in Paris, Amsterdam and under the Auroras Borealis, she is now in Bulgaria where she attempts to piece together her first poetry collection.
Jodie Oakes