Turkey Blue Mosque: Experience the Beauty

A myriad of lofty turrets, arced dome rooftops and shaded courtyards create the exterior of the breathtaking Turkey Blue Mosque on the banks of the Bosporus, dividing the hedonistic worlds of the west and the east. One of Istanbul’s must see sites and an impressive four hundred years old this mosque of minarets is still used to this very day as a place of prayer and worship. After thronging through the markets, touching and tasting the evocative bright spices and being scrubbed in a Turkish bath, your journey is far from complete until you have tiptoed into the cool blue hues of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

Turkey Blue Mosque 1

Hearing the call to prayer ring out across the vibrant city for the first time almost stops you in your tracks and brings a moment of hush to the soul. Crossing the courtyard you are greeted with the imposing splendor and great romance of the building with its carved arches and deep cut stone floors. Yet entering into the grace of the Blue Mosque you suddenly see how the building lives up to its name.

Turkey Blue Mosque 2

Tens of thousands tiles with intricate blue edged designs adorn every wall space, windows flush with the changing color of the afternoon light and ceilings soar. Feeling your bare feet pad across the floor, the whispered hush of wonder and the twinkling lights hanging above your head delivers a feeling of soaring to another realm, both exhilarating and humbling at the same time.

Turkey Blue Mosque 3

There is something altogether exotic about the beauty of the Blue Mosque, no less when the evening fades around Istanbul and the lights shimmer illuminating the minarets like beacons hovering above the city. In a city that stumbles and pulses with chaos, the Blue Mosque seems to offer a chance of respite, overwhelming calm, and the anchor that places of prayer can provide. Of course, the tourists flock but there is always a little spot to sit and admire the artwork of the bright tiles.

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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Jodie Oakes