Turning Fine Dining on its Head at Liverpool House, Montreal

Joe Beef may have carved his name into culinary history but his little sister Liverpool House also puts up a fair fight. Having been recognized as one of the best fifty places to dine in the world we wanted to see if she had that je ne sais quoi everyone has been talking about. As soon as you step foot in the dining room you are greeted by soft elegant lighting, rich wood panels, flowered wallpaper, chandeliers and rustic deer heads gazing forlornly from the wall. The atmosphere runs deep without being too refined meaning that murmuring over the table and clinking wine glasses is certainly on the cards.

Turning Fine Dining on its Head at Liverpool House Montreal 1

Glistening Seafood and Tender Cut Steaks

Fresh glistening seafood straight of the boat and tender thick cut steaks make the menu a mouthwatering affair, but before you get started be sure to order up an old world cocktail devised of local inspiration such as the delectably honey flavored bourbon and sticky maple syrup. As you sip in style and peruse the chalkboard menu you start to realize that this place is like no other, this place has a hint of audacity and you cannot help but warm to this casual and fun approach to fine dining.

Turning Fine Dining on its Head at Liverpool House Montreal 2

Vivacious Calls for Color and Texture

From lobster spaghetti to gleaming pork knuckle, quails wrapped in prosciutto and lashings of authentic olive oil, the flavors are bold and the portions go beyond the call. The touch of Italian flair, the generous seasoning and the bright and vivacious calls for color and texture all pay homage to what we really want from our food; to be wowed, to be excited and to indulge until we are done. Those who have dined at Joe Beef know it’s all about the punch, whereas Liverpool House is thriving on style, succulent flavor and the perks of possibility.

Turning Fine Dining on its Head at Liverpool House Montreal 3

Rampant Reds and Fresh Whites

The wine list is opulent, energetic and perfectly suited to illuminate the offerings from the paddock to the sea. Fresh whites go down a treat when paired with fresh seafood linguine’s and meltingly soft chicken dishes enriched with greens. Reds are rampant without being overbearing on the palate and work wonders when it comes to loosening the tongue and making the candles burn that little bit brighter.

Turning Fine Dining on its Head at Liverpool House Montreal 4

A Pick of Perfect Desserts

Finish on a high note with the pick of perfect desserts, from silky textured bread pudding to ruby red trifles, soaring ice cream flavors and soft as a snowflake coconut tarts. Leaning back in the chair we can heave a sigh of relief, dinner is done, we are satiated and Liverpool House has seduced us with her loveable charm and penchant for turning fine dining on its head.

Turning Fine Dining on its Head at Liverpool House Montreal 5

All Images’ Courtesy: www.facebook.com/joe.beef.liverpool

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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