Ultimate Adventure Travel to New Zealand

Intrepid travelers across the globe flock to the emerald and azure shores of New Zealand to feel their heart beat, to pump energy through their veins and to take a risk with some of the most incredible adventures to be found on Mother Earth. Ride the pounding surf of Raglan, fly in whirring helicopters above the peaks of the Milford Sound, climb into caves over thirty million years old and take a leap of faith as you dive out of an airplane for the ultimate sky diving experience. Adventure travel in New Zealand invites you to play in the world’s best playground.

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After a day drenched in the sweat of your own adrenaline, this dazzling country also offers pristine pleasures with luxury resorts and high class hotels, slow down with signature spa treatments, swirling soft white wines and soft feather beds to invite the perfect sleep.

Go underground at Waitomo

The dark caverns of the Waitomo caves may be a case of biting off more than you can chew. Down into the depths of the earth you can abseil, climb, crawl and water cruise in deep exploration. From the splash and slide of the Haggas Honking Hole to the epic Lost World tour where you descend into the void far from the glint of sunlight, every adventure will make your heart beat, your body ache and your heart fill to burst. Black water raft through the dark tunnels, tube down rushing cave rapids and admire the ethereal starlight of glow worms that coat the walls and ceilings like a million and one stars trapped beneath the ground.

Waitomo Caves New Zealand

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/JamesShook

Dance on waves at Raglan

The laid back beauty of New Zealand’s favorite coastal town invites you to get wet and wild out on the water. Those who have never surfed can witness the feeling of dropping down a steep wave, the sea breeze pressing their skin and the ultimate speed as your board races towards the shore. Surf lessons are available on Ocean Beach to help you conquer the blue and to grasp hold of that incredible feeling of riding your first wave. For experienced surfers the dramatic black sands and the infamous Point at Manu Bay will deliver your own incredible taste of the endless summer.

Raglan New Zealand

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/Symac

Learn to fly at Nevis Canyon

Imagine flying through the air on the biggest swing in the whole world, a death defying 160 meters above the verdant green canyon floor and soaring at speeds of up to 120kph. The ultimate adventure couldn’t get any more extreme than for those who dare to ride the Nevis Swing. Suspended only by a wire grabbing on to your ankles, this is freefalling with grace and sublime energy. If you get a moment before the rush of blood and adrenaline takes over you could open your eyes and see the incredible shimmering waters of Lake Wakatipu and the carved mountain ranges before you fly from the deck.

Nevis Canyon New Zealand

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/Che010

Hike a glacier at Franz Josef

Walk across a world made of glass and ice on the incredible Franz Josef glacier. Very few people on earth have the rare experience to strap on crampons and disappear into a frozen landscape of glittering white ice through rising pinnacles and vertical walls. You can take a helicopter ride to the top, wander through the deep cut valleys to the summit with dazzling views and even sink down into the steaming misted bliss of the glacier hot pools to soothe ice tired muscles. Those who want to get off the beaten track and into the unknown will adore the chance to become an intrepid explorer against the power and ancient magnitude of the Franz Josef glacier.

Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/edwin.11

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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