Uluru Australia: Watch the Crowning Sunset

Rising like a red ruby on the horizon, the mystical splendor of Uluru  Australia seems to entice you from afar. The mighty Ayers Rock is the crowning jewel in Australia’s natural heritage and said to be a place that stirs the ancient magic deep in your bones. Whether you choose to believe the fables or not, one glimpse at this rusted red monolith burning orange, then gold and then flushing pink in the changing light is sure have you hypnotized if even for a moment.

Uluru Australia

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/ThomasSchoch

The red center of the Northern Territory is far from the beaten path, this is Australia as the gods made her with sweeping wide plains, deep cut crimson canyons and otherworldly rock formations carved from the extreme arid heat and the wind. There is only one way to truly experience Uluru Australia so that it has the chance of changing the way you see the natural world and this is between the small hours of sundown and sunrise. Taking a walk around the base you can witness some of the ancient carvings and get a glimpse into the rich tapestry of stories that weaves through the history of the rock.

Uluru Australia 1

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/User:MarkAndrews

Longitude 131 offers guests the chance to sleep at the very foot of the mysterious rock in a luxury tented camp. As the sunlight starts to dwindle, coloring everything with the Midas touch you can take a gourmet supper and sip the finest wine as you watch the spectacle. Admire Uluru shifting her patterns from sandstone red to fresh terracotta, dusky pink and finally crimson blood as the velvet night stirs her palate. Strung above the sky of Uluru you will see a million and one stars fall from the night, a moment where you never felt so close to the cosmos before.

Uluru Australia 3

After sleeping with dreams of aboriginals and timeless patterns drifting through your mind you can wake for another final curtain call from Uluru as the night reverses to day, once again casting godly fingers of light and gold across the monolith of this great continent.

Top Image Courtesy: flickr.com/rumpleteaser

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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