Understanding the Crew on a Superyacht Charter

You may have found the perfect vessel, you may be sailing to your dream destination and there may be calm seas and fair winds ahead but nothing will be as perfect as can be without the best crew serving your needs. From the captain to the deck hands, the crew on a superyacht charter can truly make the difference when it comes to the best superyacht experience, in a world where the finest details matter you want someone to greet you with a morning mimosa, someone to slip seamlessly around the dinner table during that starlight soiree and someone who truly cares about ensuring that you get taken to paradise and back. Understanding the role of each and every member of your crew helps you to know who to turn to when you want a champagne cocktail top up, to discuss the menu and to find out which exclusive clubs will be greeting you when you drop anchor in St. Lucia. The crew of MY Starfire invites you into their world, a place where lavish luxury seeps through every second and there is nothing but the beauty of possibility awaiting to blow you forward on the tang of the salt sea breeze.

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The Captain

Without a doubt the leader of the ship, the captain is the one who will sail you safely across the seas and to your dream destination. The gold stripes on their shoulder carry the weight of the world and what they say goes when it comes to life on board to keep everyone safe and sound. A good captain does more than sail the superyacht, they will know the tides like the back of their hand and will also be in the know when it comes to the best places to explore. Those wishing to make the most of their superyacht stay will utilize the knowledge of the captain as can help tailor a route to fit your own unique adventure. Captain Carl Sputh is the leader of MY Starfire and spent his childhood riding the tides and has spent two decades captaining superyachts across the globe.

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The Deck Crew

A team who sails together stays together; this is the motto of any good crew manning the helm of a superyacht charter. From the first officer to the deck hands, everyone plays their own vital role when it comes to ensuring the yacht is pristine and the guests are as happy as can be. Deck hands will cover everything on the day to day running including cleaning the yacht from top to bottom and even planning activities like wake boarding, snorkeling, and deep water diving. Often there will be a member on board who is well-versed in the world of watersports such as a certified diver who can safely show you the treasures that are waiting at the bottom of the ocean. With four deckhands on call on MY Starfire you can go diving with Marcus, let Nicholas show you where the best waves are for surfing and catch supper with keen fisher Wesley.

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The Interior Crew

Inside the beautiful elegance of your yacht walls, you will find a team who make life on board run like a dream. These are the people who will turn down your sheets, fetch you that glass of champagne and ensure that your wardrobe remains spic and span for when you want to step ashore. They are also the ones who will deliver silver service for that moonlit supper soiree off the shore of Monaco and will put everything back in its rightful place come the end of another seamless day out at sea. Onboard My Starfire you can be sure that Rachel will flood your room with fragrant flowers, Mandy will suggest a glass of vintage best and Joanna will deliver hands-on spa treatments to leave you sparkling like a ray of sunshine.

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The Chef

Those with a passion for perfect flavors will agree that the chef is one of the most important people onboard. This is the one who will bring creative culinary skills to the table, who will wow with imaginative menus and who will ensure that unique tastes are catered for. A good chef is flexible, vivacious and wants to take you on a sojourn of the senses in a way that suits the destination you are sailing too. They will be keen to tackle the local markets, to pack great picnics for you to take to secluded beaches, to work with you when planning a menu of cocktails and canapés for your friends and to show you something special when it comes to a gourmet dinner by candlelight on the deck. In the pristine kitchens of MY Starfire, you will find Chef Stuart Chambers and Jess Mang whipping up a storm.

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The Engineers

Down in the depths of the superyacht the engineers are constantly hard at work ensuring that every nook and cranny of the engine is running at peak performance. Even though will barely see them during your stay they are the ones that are helping keep the boat afloat, comfortable and calm when out on the seas and even at dock. Nick and Hew are the ones below MY Starfire, both with years of top level experience in the world of engineering under their belt.

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Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
Carl Sputh