Venice – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination for Romance or Friendship

Some call it the city of romance; some, the paradise where love blooms; and the natives affectionately term their city as the solace where honeymooners consummate their matrimonial bliss!

Venice is essentially a small city located in the northeastern region of Italy. It is formed by the beautiful marriage of 118 islands separated by canals and is a world class honeymoon destination. The real beauty of the city lies in its archetypal structure constructed around six hundred years ago. Since then, the city has not changed an inch, nevertheless the onslaught of modern cosmopolitan era. The ancient roads, buildings, fountains continue to enchant with their ancient Romanian charisma and attract tourists from all corners of the world, to appreciate and acknowledge the traditional beauty!

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Here’s what to do in Venice.

Hop on a Vaporetto

Remember the old flicks where the protagonists rode in a classic Vaporetto while delighting their senses with the ancient Romanian architecture around the city. Well, the city hasn’t changed a bit and so have the then classic Vaporettos. Even today, people hailing from the cosmopolitan regions of the world, rush to cities like Venice to relive the archaic era. The Vaporetto is driven by a traditionally dressed rider who takes you through the entire city and stops at various joints for a snack break or a day off. As you ride through, you are welcomed by the crumbling and ancient facades of old palazzos like the Ca’Rezzonica and Ca’d’Oro. The archaic beauty of the roads, buildings and structures around transcend you to an era where the kings and queens hailed in the city!

Venice A City of Romance 2

The Holy St. Mark’s Basilica

While the city is loaded with beautiful churches all around, St. Marks Basilica simply succeeds to beat the rest in terms of its architecture and aura! Its glorious columns carved in marble, beautiful arches and small domes made from pure lead simply take you to the ancient world when the church was constructed. The interiors of the church look splendid with gleaming tiles layered with gold mosaic. The visitors are encouraged to follow a strict code of conduct inside the church so as to maintain its sanctity.

Venice A City of Romance 3

The Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace, once a grand residence of the-then Doge of the city, is an experience in itself to visit. The palace was the administrative hub where important decisions related to the governance of the state were taken in an attic far away from the notice of the public. The cabinets and areas are well organized and compartmentalized as per their functions. Visitors even get to see the unpopular Bridge of Sighs and the prison that was once upon a time occupied by Casanova.

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Venice is heavily flocked by tourists throughout the year. Although the place has lost its ancient finesse over the time, it still manages to charm the people with its romantic and glorious aura. And the restaurants have authentic Italian delights that simply add to the charm of this beautiful honeymoon destination.

Maxine Genier

Maxine Genier

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