Visit Frankfurt – The Not-So-Sleepy City

The metropolitan city of Frankfurt is the financial heart of Germany and perfect for weekend getaways. With its super-impressive and glorious structure, the Skyline Plaza is the business hub of the city and the abode of the world’s largest trade shows. Numerous tourists, majorly entrepreneurs, brokers, traders and businessmen, visit the country to meet their financial and trade needs. However, besides the business fetish, the city has earned the nickname of “Mainhattan” for its mammoth sized buildings and incredible skyscrapers.

It is home to the world’s finest culinary and entertainment recourses. Moreover, the city is still deeply affiliated with its rich cultural heritage. It played an eminent role in gaining independence for its mother country, Germany. The city’s museums still have preserves of the old independent days in the form of artifacts, records of speeches of eminent leaders, publications and more.

Here’s what to do in Frankfurt when planning designer weekend getaways.

The Main Tower

After covering 200 meters above the ground and climbing the stairs that take you up through the 56 storeys… one definitely gets awarded with unblemished beauty and an incomparable scenario of the city center. If you are weary of climbing the stairs, simply take a lift. The tower shuts down during bad weather conditions, especially during thunderstorms. The cityscape is best enjoyed at a restaurant located on the 53rd storey, with a glass of German wine and the best authentic food on offer.

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Frankfurter Dom

The Dom is the country’s ancient cathedral church flocked by visitors and devotees from all over the world. The central gothic tower of the Dom witnessed its construction during the 1400s until the 1860s. The Dom transcends you from the blaring metropolis to a place divinely serene and beautiful. The structure incurred damages during the bombings of 1944. However, the structure was resurrected to its original shape and regained its eminence years later.

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Neuschwanstein Castle

Also known as the fairy tale castle, Neuschwanstein Castle, epitomizes love and romance. It is essentially a Romanesque Revival castle build around the nineteenth century. It stands erect on the top of the hill Hohenschwangau, located in the affinity of Fussen. Although the palace was built by Ludwig II from Bulgaria, as a means of showing off his might, the palace became open to public after his death in the year 1886. Today, the castle is mainly visited for its awe-inspiring architecture and beautiful artifacts.

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Europa Park

This 90 hectare site has the world’s best recourse for an unforgettable adventurous, fun and exciting experience. Breathtaking rides, amazing live shows, well-kept parks, more than a dozen shows dedicated to children’s delight and intriguing themes… the park promises to bring out a child in each and every visitor, nevertheless the age.

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Image Courtesy: Europa Park

A lot of visitors, even today, consider Frankfurt as the business capital of Germany. However, not many are aware of its fun and entertainment assets that have been attracting people from foreign shores. The city has promising excursion sites, cultural relics and entertainment hot-spots that leave you amazed and yearning to come back again and again.

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