Visit Malta: Fine Dining and Golden Sands

When considering pristine island breaks many will head for the dazzling white shores of Greece, the sultry summer parties of Ibiza or the fine cuisine and artistic history of Sicily, yet Malta remains an impressive choice for those seeking lashings of sun, beautiful beaches, wilderness and some of Europe’s finest cuisine. Visit Malta to experience a smorgasbord of brilliant golden sands, old world cities clinging to traditional harbor fronts and enough history to keep you up all night.

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Valletta is the first port of call for many touching down on this majestic little island, with its UNESCO rich heritage, its open air museum vibe and its ancient bastions standing strong you can stroll around, slip in for coffee and generally soak up the buzz of this beautiful little place. Yet it’s a beach break you are seeking and the shores are never far.

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The beaches of Malta and her little sister Gozo tend to veer more towards the dramatic with sea sculpted coastlines and rocky nooks and crannies. Yet those seeking something soft, blue and beautiful will love the infamous Blue Lagoon with its burst of bright white sand, turquoise pool colors and boats gliding on the horizon. Golden Bay is a rare gem on Malta and one of the only beaches to boast brilliant soft sand beneath your bare feet.

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But beaches aren’t the only draw to these shores despite the balmy Mediterranean weather and the inviting waters. The fortress town of Mdina has now hit the headlines after being revealed as one of the filming locations for the popular Game of Thrones series and losing yourself in the labyrinth can be a delightful way to spend the day.

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Those seeking to tempt their taste buds are sure to find the Maltese menus enchanting, think freshly seared tuna straight from the sea, smoked sausages cured in the wind and the sun for months, fresh herbs picked from the mountains and Italian pizzazz sprinkled over everything that touches the tongue.

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