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Slovenia is rightly lauded for its inexpensive ski holidays, with the Julian Alps providing spectacular scenery and plenty of snow – but the tiny European country offers more than winter breaks and activities on the piste. Often called ‘Europe in miniature’, you must plan to visit Slovenia in the summer to experience its beauty; from its beaches along the Adriatic coast to its magnificent lakes, and from the colossal mountain ranges to its medieval towns and cities, the country is a stunning place to visit. And despite its small size, Slovenia manages to cram in a rich and diverse assortment of things to see and do during the warmer months – so much so that repeat holidays are usually required!

Lake Bled

The top Slovenian destination for holidaymakers in the summer, and it’s not hard to see why: Lake Bled is enchanting. With breath-taking scenery, the chance to take a traditional Pletna boat ride on the lake, and the gorgeous pilgrimage church with its famous ‘wishing bell’ on Bled Island, this is a must-visit spot. Add to this the raft of activities available, from rambling and hiking – where you can head for Vintgar Gorge or climb Castle Hill – to bike trails, swimming and horse ridings, and Lake Bled has it all.

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Kranjska Gora

Tucked in the striking Zgornjesavska valley in north-west Slovenia, the town of Kranjska Gora is famed for its winter sports. Once the snow melts away, however, it becomes an impossibly pretty place: nestled at the base of the imposing crags of the Julian Alps and surrounded by lush green meadows just ripe for walking and biking, the town is a delightful place to wander and explore, with cobbled streets and squares and some lovely examples of Austrian architecture. Chock-full of traditional homesteads, churches and chapels – such as the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and the wooden Russian chapel – along with famous landmarks such as the Aljaž Tower, Jasna Lake, the Heathen Maiden and an array of fabulous waterfalls, there is much to admire here – and that’s before you choose from the massive selection of sporting activities to take part in!

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Skocjan and Postojna Caves

Slovenia has more than 8,000 underground caves, but the best of the bunch are at Skocjan and Postojna. Skocjan is a UNESCO protected site and considered to be one of the most important caves systems in the world – and it is truly staggering. With a massive underground river, 45-metre high bridges and caves resembling enormous subterranean cathedrals, it is one of the largest known underground canyons. Postojna, meanwhile, is one of Slovenia’s biggest tourist attractions: 20 kilometres long, with monumental stalagmites and stalactites, plus a ‘concert hall’ which can fit 10,000 people, it is a natural marvel and not to be missed.

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The country’s capital, Ljubljana is a beautiful medieval city: straddling the Ljubljanica River, it is compact and full of tremendous architecture, it is easy to lose yourself in its pretty cobbled streets and sights. Watched over by a Baroque castle, in the summer the city is a relaxed and relaxing place full of pavement cafes, street parties, and flea markets and food stalls dotted along the banks of the river. There are plenty of luxury restaurants and chic bars to choose from, along with absorbing museums for culture vultures or high-end stores for those looking to shop, while the famed Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge are great to wander across. Just a little further afield, the fantastic Tivoli Park and the Roman ruins provide the perfect day trip when you plan to visit Slovenia.

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The Coast

Slovenia’s best kept secret may be its amazing beaches. The small stretch – just over 40 kilometres – of Adriatic coastline it calls its own is simply stunning and peppered with the sort of colourful fishing villages you would expect to see on Italy’s famous Amalfi coast. Olive groves and the splendid greenery of pine and conifer form the backdrop to swathes of golden sand and shingle beaches which look out at the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Two of the best lie at the southern end, near the border with Croatia: Piran is almost Venice-like in appearance, with a marvellous harbour and narrow streets to explore, while the livelier Portoroz boasts the finest beach in Slovenia along with casinos, spa and wellness treatments and a vibrant selection of restaurants, bars and buzzing nightclubs.

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