Visit Tuscany: Sweetness in San Gimignano

You rarely hear someone say ‘do not visit Tuscany‘. This honeymoon haven is filled with rustic farmhouses scattered across the green sun glazed hills, frescoes hidden in the chambers of every church and rolling vineyards inviting you to stay awhile and sip the delights of open cellar doors. San Gimignano is one of the prettiest villages to be found in the sweep close to Sienna with its rising stone towers, famous honeyed wines and medieval streets beating in time with true Tuscan tradition.

Visit Tuscany Sweetness in San Gimignano

This pretty village reached its peak in the 13th century dealing in the delights of wool, wine and burnt orange Tuscan saffron. The villagers would hang fabrics soaked in the deep golds of Saffron to dry turning the town into a shimmering sun beneath the blue sky. With San Gimignano being so close to the illustrious city of Florence you can glimpse amazing artwork and frescoes in many of the cathedrals and churches still left standing.

Visit Tuscany Sweetness in San Gimignano 2

Wining and dining is an extraordinary affair in the whimsical streets of San Gimignano and the village is renowned for curating one of the most famous wines in Italy. Vernaccia di San Gimignano boasts ancient origins, a pale honey coloring and rich notes that linger with sweetness upon the tongue. Pairing it with the regional specialties of Sienna sweets and dark black truffles gathered from the nearby forests is akin to tasting the ambrosia of the Gods. Yet saffron is still the mainstay ingredient of the village with its autumnal lilac flowers adorning the fields. Saffron tours are popular and you can give a day to wandering the farms, picking bushels of flowers and watching the harvest be turned into something special in the stone house kitchens.

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Those seeking rustic chic in the heart of San Gimignano can stay at the Agriturismo Poggiacolle. Romance seeps through the walls at this traditional Tuscan farmhouse complete with working saffron farm. Sleep in soft downy beds beneath dark wood beams, watch vegetables chopped beside a flickering fire and plunge into the infinity pool on sweet starlit nights.

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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