Visiting Argentina – 10 Reasons You Must Go

Spending winter (June to August) in Argentina can be a blissful experience for souls looking for a little sojourn to the land of tango dancers and fútbol players. Though the best time to visit this South American country is spring and fall, winter’s gaining popularity among tourists too thanks to its reputation as an adventure travel destination. And the reasons for this choice are evident.

Why choose Argentina as your escape? Here are a few reasons you may have.

Beautiful sunny days

: Be it the vibrant Buenos Aires, the splendid Iguazú or the beautiful Mendoza, you are sure to find the days to be a little cold but amply sunny. Patagonia is also best explored when it’s a little cold and less windy. The bright sunlight makes it easy to click pictures of the beauteous country and its varied vistas.

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Fewer crowds

: Whether you decide to stay at a luxury hotel in The Center or at a resort in Puerto Iguazú, see the natural wonders or visit the architectural marvels, you are sure to find every place less crowded. The only exception is Bariloche, where porteños and tourists gather in large numbers for the ski season.

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Opportunity to explore nature’s wonders

: The diverse personalities of Argentine cities are sure to amaze you, but what is sure to captivate your attention, and imagination, is the numerous natural landscapes of the country.

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Be it the advance of the rolling Perito Moreno Glacier, the fascinating Iguazú Falls, the mysterious Valdivian forests, the scorched Patagonian steppes, the distinctive Andean salt flats, or the wilderness of Torres del Paine, a hike or trek in this incredible adventure travel destination can offer a glimpse of a unique facet of the natural beauty of Argentina.

Ski and snowboard

: A trip to the country in winter can never be complete without an excursion to Bariloche, the ski hub of Argentina. With the towering snow-covered peaks of Cerros Catedral, Nireco, López and Shaihuenque forming the ideal backdrop to the city loved by skiers and snowboarders.

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Whether you are an amateur or an addict, you are sure to find the opportunities here to be at par. And while you are in Bariloche, don’t forget to get a taste of the chocolates, and purchase a few gnomes (the best souvenirs you can get from this city).

Visit Ushuaia

: The southernmost city in the world offers an array of adventures for enthusiasts. Ride a snow sled pulled by Huskies, put on your snowshoes to explore the Tierra Mayor Valley, learn to ice skate, hike through the mountainous wilderness of the Tierra del Fuego national park or just enjoy the panoramic views from your cottage.

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Participate in the Mundial de Tango (World Tango Festival)

: Can you ignore the tango while you are in Argentina? No. Learn the moves of this sensual dance form at a dance salon or even at an evocative café. And how can you fail to be part of the Tango Festival, held on late August, where the vivacity of the dance comes to life?

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Taste the steaks

: Be it a juicy rib eye, a tender filet mignon or a luscious strip, the parrillas or steak houses of Argentina is sure to satisfy every gourmet. Don’t fail to visit a parrilla while you are here. They are practically around every corner, so, you won’t have any difficulty in locating one.

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Go on a winter winery tour

: Lovely plazas, leafy boulevards, burbling fountains and bustling life makes Mendoza a charming city. But the famed wineries are what attract most. Go on a wine tasting tour to savor some of the best selections, and learn about the wine-growing culture of Argentina.

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Shop at the local market

: Colorful, in their attire and attitude, porteños and tourists fill up the Feria San Pedro Telmo on Sundays. Whether you want original paintings or vintage leather satchels, this is the place to be. Get a taste of flavorsome homemade jams, delicious cold cuts and tasty cheeses while you are exploring the stalls.

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You may also have a go at the posh boutiques in Recoleta selling upscale jewelry and beautiful handicrafts. Or perhaps, visit the quirky shops at Palermo Viejo that offer an array of Argentine souvenirs.

Wander in the neighborhoods

: Every neighborhood of Buenos Aires has something distinct to offer. Photograph the multihued houses of La Boca, stroll down the cobblestone streets of Puerto Madero, sip coffee at a cosmopolitan café in Recoleta, visit the Museo Evita in Palermo, and do whatever you like to your heart’s content.

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Argentina in winter offers an engaging escapade; you just have to plan it right.

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