Washington Market Tavern – Sophisticated American Seasonal Cuisine in NYC

This summer, New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood welcomed a new addition to its restaurant scene – Washington Market Tavern, a trendy and sophisticated restaurant serving American seasonal cuisine with the freshest seasonal products, and the highest quality local dairy and meats. The restaurant’s seasonal menu is made up of shareable plates, all sourced from local farms, with a strong focus on product sourcing and fresh, market-driven ingredients.

Washington Market has two levels, with a lounge downstairs and a dining room on the main floor. The dining room is elegant with high-top tables in the middle and a long bar that stretches throughout the room. The main entrance is anchored by two custom-made mosaic murals based on renderings by Milanese artist Piero Fornasetti that have been re-created using silver leaf and torch-burnt reclaimed white oak.

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“Our goal was to create a restaurant that provides a feeling of familiarity and comfort, coupled with impressive cuisine and attention to detail,” says Eric Schwimmer, a Tribeca local who is the head of the team behind the restaurant. “Washington Market Tavern is the perfect neighborhood spot that Tribeca has been waiting for.”

The restaurant’s menu is divided into four sections: raw, garden, ocean and farm, and the staff recommends ordering a few different plates to share at the table. As a starter, the staff serves warm homemade English muffins and whipped butter made with scallions, chives, raw shallots and raw garlic.

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From the menu’s raw section, try the lamb tartare made with harissa emulsion, black garlic yogurt and spicy crouton. This is a fine, colorful dish that is beautifully presented. The creamy, rich lamb is seasoned with Moroccan flavors that give it a spicy kick.

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Pictured below is the Long Island duck dish, with roasted breast, stuffed savoy cabbage, Romanesco cauliflower and duck jus. The duck is tender and the cauliflower has a light crunch and is well seasoned. Perhaps the most enjoyable part about this dish is that you can really taste the freshness of each ingredient.

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For dessert, try the stone fruit crisp made with brown sugar bar, buttermilk-swirl ice cream, poached apricots, sweet apples, brûléed peaches and toasted oats. This dessert is exceptional – it’s fruity, light and full of different flavors that come through.

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To complement your meals, try any of Washington Market Tavern’s specialty cocktails, which include seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs, house-made tinctures and artisanal bitters.

Washington Market Tavern 41 Murray Street New York, NY 10007 Website: www.washingtonmarkettavern.com/

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