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The capital city of Italy’s breathtaking region of Tuscany is as picture perfect as it is ever going to get. The historic city of Florence is hailed as one of the most divine cities in the world as she plays host to some of the most treasured artistic and architectural endeavors in humankind’s colorful history.

Hailed as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is especially beloved for her culture, fashion, economic and political influence on the world stage.

Here are our top five picks when it comes to where to stay in Florence over a weekend.

1. Lungarno Suites

You can expect nothing less but absolute luxury when you stay at a hotel founded by celestial shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo. Balancing classic color palates and contemporary decor, Lungarno Suites pays homage to the rich history and elegance of the region.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Lungarno Suites 1

Unlike other conventional hotels, Lungarno Suites tips its hat to spaciousness and offers guests apartment-style accommodation. Each suite has its own kitchenette, living space, soft and tasteful furnishings, fabulous views, plenty of natural light, and an aura of ultimate opulence.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Lungarno Suites 2

2. Hotel Savoy

Located in the heart of the city, the Hotel Savoy is the epitome of grace and style. Even the most jaded of travelers will be impressed with the hotel’s grand façade and prime location. Unsurprisingly, its interior is just as elegant. Artwork, beautifully matched fabrics and plenty of ceramics make up a bulk of this stunning hotel. Hotel Savoy proves that old school charm can perfectly coexist with modern amenities.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Hotel Savoy Florence 1

Every room is decked out in the latest functions. The bathrooms are particularly noteworthy as they feature beautiful marble and mosaic. In a nod to Florence’s love for fashion and art, the hotel displays works by contemporary artists that feature shoes and hats, alongside an impressive collection of art by Luca Pignatelli, one of Italy’s most beloved artists.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Hotel Savoy Florence 2

3. Hotel Helvetia & Bristol

Occupying a building that dates back to the 1800s, Hotel Helvetia & Bristol was and still is the go-to hotel for visiting celebrities and dignitaries. This comes as no surprise as the all encompassing vibe that the hotel gives out transports guests back to a time of noble Florentine aristocracy and splendor.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Hotel Helvetia & Bristol 1

Antiques and paintings jostle to steal attention away from the amazing views that hotel guests are treated to. Every window overlooks a splendid portion of the city’s surrounding rooftops and the furniture is ornate and plush.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Hotel Helvetia & Bristol 2

The hotel does not only look good, it also boasts fantastic service and is located close to one of the most prime shopping locations in the city.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Hotel Helvetia & Bristol 3

4. Riva Lofts Florence

Located along the Arno riverbanks and just a stone’s throw from the city center sits a gem of a hotel. Riva Lofts Florence is the ultimate honeymooner’s go-to hotel as it sits close to the tranquil Parco delle Cascine, Florence’s most historic green lung.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Riva Lofts Florence 1

Made up of a group of buildings, this comfortable hotel was once a small factory and artisans’ workshop before it was transformed into what it is today. One of the best parts of the hotel is its garden with outdoor pool, hammocks and sun beds, perfect for when you are tired from shopping and want to soak in some Italian rays. Vintage bicycles are also available for adventurous guests who wish to explore the surrounding area and city like a local.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Riva Lofts Florence 2

The lofts are wonderfully contemporary without invading the building’s time-honored charm. You can expect excellent service, artistic and historic elements, and breathtaking views no matter which loft you end up staying in.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Riva Lofts Florence 3

5. Argentario Resort Golf & Spa

Nestled in the scenic Tuscan countryside is the majestic Argentario Resort Golf & Spa. It is the perfect accommodation option for the well-heeled traveler who wants a combination of city charm and rustic beauty.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Argentario Resort Golf & Spa 1

The 18-hole golf course and driving range play host to golfers looking for a challenging yet rewarding game, and the tennis courts, pools and running trails offer guests an opportunity to kick back with a spot of outdoorsy fun. For those seeking nothing more than rest and relaxation, the spa is the place to head to.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Argentario Resort Golf & Spa 2

Depending on which of the 73 rooms you end up staying in, you will be treated to classic, modern, vintage or Oriental decor. As expected, the service is impeccable and the resort’s eco-conscious philosophy is the delectable cherry on top of the perfectly extravagant cake.

Luxury Weekend Stay in Florence Argentario Resort Golf & Spa 3

Top Image Courtesy: flickr.com/HeatherTesch

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