Wellness Hotels Israel: Mizpe Hayamim

Perched between the Sea of Galilee and the gold of Golan Heights you can find a place hidden by tangled vines, rolling orchards and meandering hills where food and flora bursts through the soil. The Mizpe Hayamim is certainly a special place, a place where the inside and the outside worlds blend, and, as one of the favored wellness hotels Israel, a spot where I was looking forward to some well-earned rest and rejuvenation. Inside the lobby vines hung low, fragrant flowers bloomed from every surface and songbirds trilled and dipped through the balconies, fountains trickle and the scent of lavender and chamomile seems to sweep me off my feet.

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Yet this is a place that surpasses the simple hotel spa vibe that can leave you yawning after a couple of days of endless treatments and lounging in sun soaked spaces. The Mizpe Hayamim is a working farm, a soap factory, an organic dairy, a coffee plantation, a place beneath the veil of spas and a sanctuary away from the distractions of the modern world, a place where you can truly reconnect with the gentle goddess of Mother Nature.

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Exploring every inch of the 37 acres of land took me stumbling through farmyards where goats chewed my sleeve and puppies rolled in the dirt, past sleepy bleating sheep and peacocks that cooed, through orange groves muddled with wild mint and the fuzz of lavender and into the fields where workers toiled pulling sweet vegetables from the earth.

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In the cheese store giant wheels sat in the cool shade, green coffee beans ripened in enormous vats and natural loofahs hung from the trees. Entering the soap factory creamy goats milk from the pastures outside swirled with date honey as dark as a lovers eyes, mineral rich Dead Sea mud and the zest of orange blossom. I rubbed the coconut cream between my fingers, I breathed in the breath of chamomile and picked up soaps curated lovingly by warm skilled hands.

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In my room a four poster fairytale bed billowed with pale gauze, Turkish rugs softened underfoot and antique furnishings gleamed. The table was laden with fresh fruits; fall apart on the tongue tahini cookies, ginger snaps, homemade chocolates and a bottle of champagne chilling in a silver bucket. The bathroom continued with the opulent oasis feel boasting a bespoke Jacuzzi tub and homemade soaps lavishing on every surface. Stepping out onto my own private balcony I could hear the birds swoosh and sing, see the roses bloom beneath the thorn and fall in love with a delectable silence.

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After wrapping myself in the white towel robe I wandered down to the ground floor, where an Olympic size swimming pool shimmered blue beneath a glass roof and flowers released their fragrant petals to fall into the water. Outside a balcony stretched on forever offering supreme views over the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights. After a few lengths feeling the cool blue waters ebb and flow and a quick dip in the outdoor hot tub I decided to dress for dinner at the fabulous Muscat Restaurant.

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Seeing the lights scattered in the valley beneath, sitting at a white linen draped tablecloth and sipping locally curated wine, this is what life is all about. Knowing that every plate is exceptionally produced and filled with ingredients from right on the doorstep, I tuck in to a feast of charred goat cheese and basil mash, slithers of soft beef carpaccio, gooey homemade gnocchi, fresh garden greens and cannelloni stuffed with spinach.

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After dinner we take a midnight walk to see the stars, carrying lanterns as you wander through the shadowy orchards listening to the coyote calls with baited breath. A storm flashes over the sky, dogs bay in the cow sheds and the thick heat of a spring night rises. We light candles and let them float away down the cold water spring, we release balloons flickering with LED lights into the velvet night sky, watching them drift higher and higher into the atmosphere taking with them all our hopes and dreams as they pass Saturn and sweep past Venus. Returning to the soft down of my bed, the peacock releases one final night cry, a sound so exotic it pierces my heart.

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Big thanks to the lovely people at Vibe Israel for inviting me to enjoy the bounty of their beautiful country. Vibe Israel is a non profit and non political organization, find out more at www.vibeisrael.com 

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