What to do in Cozumel, Mexico

Let out a deep sigh, sit back and enjoy the enticing sight of the Caribbean flickering under the moonlight to the sweet sound of the mariachi band. This is the guide of what to do in Cozumel,  a place as close to heaven as you can ever get.

What to do in Cozumel

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Mexico is often deemed a raucous affair with its bright colors, its bustling markets, its spice kick cuisine and its hustle, yet away from that is Cozumel with its brilliant coral reefs, its never-ending story of white sands and its oversized margaritas with a dash of salt and lime waiting to be sipped.

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The beaches are enough to make you want to stay forever and for those who adore diving you will find your every wish granted by the underwater world waiting in Cozumel. Hailed as one of the best destinations for marine life discovery in the whole world you can swim alongside manta rays, multicolored fish and elegant star shaped marine creatures that live beneath the blue.

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You don’t have to dive down to enjoy the gentle summery waters in Cozumel, sometimes just swimming in the lagoon like softness, nosing a playful dolphin and walking barefoot on the brilliant white sands is gift enough.

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When not spending your whole stay underwater, sleeping on the sands or indulging in spa bliss at your five-star resort you can find plenty of land bound activities to keep you happy scattered on this lush island of jungle and sand. San Gervasio offers you the chance to view Maya ruins in all their splendor, especially at sunset when the area is doused in mystical wonder.

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Rent a bicycle and go exploring, taking your two-wheeled vehicle along the trails and into the tiny village is the perfect way of soaking up Cozumel especially if you stop by one of the tiny eateries for a fresh seafood lunch and a celebratory sip of mescal before wobbling back to your luscious white and wood suite in the mist of the moonlight.

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