Where to Stay in Berlin on a Luxury Escape

As the capital city of Germany, it comes as no surprise that everything about Berlin is inherently German. From its gritty past, to colorful present, to bright future, Berlin undoubtedly encompasses diversity, unity and hope. With a myriad of things to see and experience in the city, it is unsurprising that tourists from all over the world flock year-round to Berlin to be a part of her pulsating heart and life.

Here are some of the top places to stay in Berlin this hot and sizzling summer on your luxury escape.

1. Hotel Art Nouveau

Housing 22 rooms, Hotel Art Nouveau is a boutique hotel that offers handsome rooms and impeccable service. Privacy and discretion are done perfectly at this hotel. Do not be deterred when you arrive at the address. Confidently close the lift’s wrought iron grills behind you and ride it to the fourth floor. There, you will come to a discreet door that is the gateway to your temporary abode.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Hotel Art Nouveau 1

Here, you can expect a harmonious pairing of impeccable old-school service and new world modernity. With art displayed in every room and delicious breakfast that comprises solely of certified organic foods, this gem of a hotel sets the bar high when it comes to luxurious boutique hotels in Berlin.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Hotel Art Nouveau 2

2. Sir F.K. Savigny Hotel

This trendy hotel is every high-end jet setter’s dream come true. Featuring 44 tastefully decorated rooms, this fashionable piece of real estate is located near Savignyplatz, one of Berlin’s busiest train stations in the hip Charlottenburg district. History meets contemporary elegance at the Sir F.K. Savigny Hotel.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Sir F.K. Savigny Hotel 1

It is not surprising considering the hotel was named after a famed aristocrat, so you can expect cosmopolitan splendor the moment you walk into the lobby. Each room is sleek, stylish and promises a tailor-made experience. With every form of modern amenity available to give its affluent guests a taste of home, the hotel offers flair and class without being too over the top.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Sir F.K. Savigny Hotel 2

3. Ku’Damm 101

If shopping is the number one thing that you want to do in Berlin, then Ku’Damm 101 is the hotel to stay at as it is conveniently located on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s main shopping belt. Housed in a converted office building, the hotel is a strikingly modern hotel with all the amenities to boot. Offering customized rooms, designer interiors and a unique experience, Ku’Damm 101 is the ideal place to kick back, relax and lay your weary head at.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Ku Damm 101 1

Breakfast is served on the seventh floor and diners are treated to gorgeous cityscapes. Also boasting a beautiful courtyard and lounge bar, the hotel is also well known for its applaudable efforts to maintain an eco-friendly, organic and almost Zen-like atmosphere. Whether you are in Berlin for work or play, Ku’Damm 101 is the place to head to.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Ku Damm 101 2

4. Ellington Hotel

Erected in the golden twenties, this luxury hotel features a trendy exterior that lights up the busy street at night with tastefully inviting decorative lights. Original brass-framed windows also make up a bulk of the building’s attractive façade. Although elegantly and comfortably furnished, you can expect unfussy and unobtrusive decor, making it the perfect place to head back to after a long day and night out in the lively city of Berlin.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Ellington Hotel 1

Like most other hotels of its caliber, you can expect good service and excellent amenities. Known amongst jazz aficionados as the ultimate place to head to for a spot of live jazz music, the Ellington Hotel is a chic and luxurious fraction of the city that is not to be missed.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Ellington Hotel 2

5. Nhow Berlin

The exterior of the Nhow Berlin is undoubtedly cutting-edge, and unsurprisingly, so is its interior. The term modern-luxury takes on a whole new level of meaning at this hotel. Unlike other hotels within its class, Nhow boasts two recording studios, making it the ultimate place to stay at for music-lovers, bands and musicians gracing the city’s many festivals and concerts.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Nhow Berlin 1

Located along the banks of the Spree River, the hotel personifies the spirit of artistic expression in modern times. With comfortable rooms and state-of-the-art facilities, the hotel is also a proud host of music, art, expression, freedom and genuine hospitality. Nhow refuses to compromise luxury for fun; rather, it successfully marries the two, making it perfect for vibrant and young-at-heart travelers.

Where to Stay in Berlin This Summer Nhow Berlin 2

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