Win $1,000 Anatomie Wardrobe with your Favorite Bloggers

Beautiful women stepping out in style will know that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication when jet setting across the globe. From walking barefoot on the sugar spun sands of the Caribbean to exploring the nook and crannies of Rome, Anatomie can deliver exceptional designer clothes curated for the perfect travel experience.

From tailored jumpsuits for chic city shopping in Monaco to Paola travel pants for that overnight first class flight to Brazil or divine Donatella dresses for starlit soirees in NYC, Anatomie believes in high class French and Italian fabrics that adore your skin, blended with bespoke cuts that work both in the city and the Serengeti.


To celebrate the start of a New Year, perhaps spring jaunts in Costa Rica or summer sailing the gold coast of Crete aboard your luxury yacht, we are offering a sublime Anatomie giveaway for ladies who love to travel looking fabulous. Ladies who exhume style and grace can win a generous $1000 gift card to splurge on the Anatomie line along with indulging in a personal one to one virtual styling session with the founders of this exclusive and innovative brand – Kate and Shawn Boyer.


Winning has never been so breezy and effortless, with nine bespoke bloggers involved all you need to do is follow your favorite and share thedetails of this giveaway with your friends through social media. For every friend you share with or for every social media action you take you get one entry and a chance to win a designer wardrobe from Anatomie.


These exquisite bloggers are all in love with the bliss and beautyof the Anatomie lifestyle and by sharing their blogs the world can be your playground, Anatomie style…

The Professional Hobo (Nora Dunn)

Nora Dunn stripped her life bare of all belongings and hit the road for a remarkable journey across five continents with the aim to travel in a sustainable way that doesn’t break the bank.

Luxury Travel Diary (Yasmin Pullman)

Yasmin lives and breathes bespoke travel and high class fashion, get an inside glimpse into the first class world with her startling luxury travel reviews from across the globe.

Travel with Benders (Josh and Erin Bender)

Experience the dizzying highs and lows of an Australian couple and their two young kids as they traverse the globe seeking family fun in every country.

Girl Vs Globe (Sabina Trojanova)

Discover the world through the eyes of a 21 year old girl who is simply trying to make the world her home as she gallivants the globe with her overstuffed pink suitcase.

LaJollaMom (Katie Dillon)

Katie Dillon proves that traveling with kids doesn’t have to be sticky or second rate as she jets around the world living a life of sheer luxury with her young daughter.

Goats on the Road (Nick and Dariece)

Find out what happens when you quit your job and leave your home for a life trekking mountains, sleeping on beaches, practicing yoga and making money along the way with Goats on the Road.

Luxury Launches (Dhiram Shah)

Luxury Launches believes in feeding the growing demands for the luxury market, from dazzling jewelry to billionaire real estate, you can discover the things that are worth drooling over.

LuxeInACity (Roxanne Genier)

After diving into the depths of travel and touching down in over 60 countries, Roxanne wants to curate the world, one luxury brand at a time with her exquisite platform, LuxeInACity.

Lost In Travel Magazine (Mary Rose Pineda)

Indulge in inspiring travel and dare to get lost, this blog is all about stepping off the beaten track into the unknown with the world’s most intrepid travel junkies.
Choose a delirious travel blog journey today and help shout it from the rooftops for your chance to win a brand new first class look with Anatomie.

Our luscious giveaway dates start on the Jan 26th at 12pm EST and finish on the Feb 12th at 12pm EST, the winner will be announced on February 14th at 12pm EST….just in time for Valentine’s Day. Oh, once last thing. Allow about 5 seconds for this widget to load up so you can try your luck at this great giveaway.

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Roxanne Genier

Luxury Brand Management Consultant at Roxy Genier
Roxanne or Roxy, founder of Luxe In A City, was nominated as one of the Top 5 Luxury Travel Bloggers by the readers of USA Today. Aside from overseeing this luxury travel blog, she spends her time teaching how to perfect the feeling of luxury to authentic niche brands while traveling the world with her family.
Roxanne Genier
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