Writers Retreats: Luxurious Top 5

Looking for the writers retreats might be the first step of something great. Imagine waking up in the depths of a dream that seems to continue, rambling through the open moors with visions of Wuthering Heights, treading in the footsteps of Ted Hughes, escaping to sun soaked Tuscany or curling up beside a roaring fire to pen your masterpiece. In-between guided workshops you can dine on extraordinary fare, peruse the well lined shelves of a private library, unwind with a massage or soak up the atmosphere of sheer inspiration with a glass of chilled vintage wine in hand. Luxury writers retreats are perfect for those seeking a path through the literary landscape, those who want time and space to map their thoughts in opulent surroundings and those wanting to put pen to paper without any interruptions from the outside world. Discover these top five luxury writers retreats and let the desire to write lead you to their doors.

Pencalenick House, Cornwall

Du Maurier made this county come to life in her incredible gothic tales of mansions, blustery moorland walks, fields of heather and boat house shacks. Those dreaming of creating their own heroes and heroines can stay in the modernist hideaway of Pencalenick carved from Cornish stone. Coming complete with its own motor yacht and skipper, a private chef and with sterling views across the harbor you won’t need to lift a finger, only your pen. Floor to ceiling windows ensure you are bathed in brilliant light, books are crammed into every corner of the shelves and every May you can celebrate the Daphne Du Maurier festival in the medieval seafront town.

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Settimo Cielo, Tuscany

Who wouldn’t feel inspired waking beneath antique lace sheets, sipping Italian roast coffee beneath a pagoda cloaked in vine, breathing in the scent of wildflowers and gazing across the Tuscan mountains? At Setttimo Cielo you can take your writing to the next level with their tailored writers retreats geared towards small groups. In the romantic Tower Room you can open the arched window doors to your own private balcony with sweeping views adorned with Italian splendor, you can hear the chickens clucking down below and indulge inn fresh eggs and herbs with your new found writer friends around the terrace table. Come the evening you can sit in the balmy heat of the night with flickering candles, mellow glasses of wine and embrace the art of conversation.

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Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid

Remote forests carrying the weight of silence, endless peaks dusted in a silver glow and wooden clad suites with open fires welcome you to forget the world and lose yourself in your own imagination. Whiteface Lodge on the shores of Lake Placid is the perfect retreat come summer, fall, spring or the depths of deep white winter. The presidential suite is luxuriously rustic with its stuffed sofas next to the roaring grand fireplace, kingly beds and sink down tub. In the summer you can wander the high falls gorge, sip fresh lemonade and scribble to your hearts content. In the fall you can trundle through the colors of the Adirondack Forest and in the winter you can ski in the mornings and pen the great American novel in the afternoon.

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Creative Escapes, Morocco

Creative escapes are a company that blends beautiful destinations with the chance to perfect your craft. In the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in the small remote town of Tigmi you can spend your days perfecting your writing, cooling down in the shimmering blue pool, resting in the shade of your ornate Moroccan bedroom and dining on the delicious flavors that make the shores of Marrakech so tempting. Award winning writers are on hand to help lead and guide you into bringing out the best in your creativity with one to one sessions. Close by you can be inspired by the snake charmers, the heady smells and the wild sounds of Marrakech’s famous night market before returning laden with material to write all about the exotic energy of Northern Africa.

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Arvon, Lumb Bank, Yorkshire

Imagine sitting at the very table where Ted Hughes penned Birthday Letters, losing your heart in twenty acres of woodland Yorkshire countryside and spending time with serious writers who all want to bring out the best in their writing. Arvon is one of the leading companies delivering high class writers workshops and staying in the 18th century mill house that used to belong to the poet laureate oozes inspiration with every breath of a new day. With no email or television to distract you can sit around the table with other writers dining on delicious food before spending your waking hours wandering the rich tapestry of the countryside and gaining valuable feedback from some of the best writers of our generation.

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Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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