Zanzibar – Endless White Sandy Beaches

The desire for a honeymoon destination with bright sunshine, white sandy tropical beaches and a taste of the exotic in an idyllic destination immediately takes you to Africa; and Zanzibar is the crown jewel as far as these wishes of yours are concerned.

The picturesque island, surrounded by the turquoise oceans, is as old as the trade route in the Indian Ocean, with history stretching back for over a thousand years.

The old Spice Island, Zanzibar, is the perfect honeymoon destination. Whether you are looking for some relaxation from a demanding routine or romanticizing, the island offers clean, warm and serene beaches that ensure the perfect getaway.

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Apart from its beautiful natural and historical settings, the island is also known as one of the friendliest and most hospitable spots, thanks to its unique fusion of the Swahili, Arab and Indian cultures.

Apart from its expansive sandy white beaches, you will also love Zanzibar’s Old Town, a labyrinth of buildings and markets where you can experience the friendly Swahili Culture, taste the local cuisine and indulge in some shopping.

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Things to do in Zanzibar

With its diverse attractions, there is so much to do on the old Island of Zanzibar.

One of the most popular activities is the spice tour. Walk through the ancient narrow labyrinths and watch spices being made, like in the olden times. The spices are a huge part of the flavor and vibrancy of Zanzibar. It forms a huge part of the culinary experience and heritage of this archipelago. There are rows and rows of plantations of the Zanzibar spices and tropical fruits that fill the island with its sweet aroma.

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You can walk around and sample the culinary delights of the island. There are numerous restaurants that offer visitors a great variety ranging from the delectable spicy local dishes to sumptuous samples of international cuisine. You can enjoy delicious seafood at any of Zanzibar’s Stone Town restaurants too.

The sunsets on Zanzibar tend to be some of the most majestic, another reason why its a divine honeymoon destination. You can go to some of the restaurant vistas overlooking the ocean and watch the beautiful Zanzibar sunset. The image of fishermen and travelers going about their lives in their dhows, like in the olden times, is quite a charming one.

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One of the most popular joints on the Island for unwinding in the evenings is the iconic Africa House Hotel. It is over a century old and a popular meeting point here. Cocktails and excellent dishes served here make it a nice choice. Its expansive balcony offers an unrivalled view of the ocean and the African sunset.

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If you are feeling like splurging, the Old Town offers the perfect shopping arena with its numerous markets. Here you can buy numerous souvenirs such as the famous spices, Swahili mats and scarves, and handicrafts. Several natural oils, perfect for skin care, are also sold here. The local coffee here is another must-buy. Work on your bargaining skills to ensure you are not ripped off by the traders.

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There are numerous sightseeing opportunities in Zanzibar. Apart from the dolphin watching tours, you can also dive underwater to sample spectacular marine life. Take the dhow boats to visit some of the local island villages and experience the local culture. Enjoy the fantastic parties on the beaches, in places such as Mercury and Africa House.


Numerous hotels, lodges, bungalows and villas on Zanzibar provide excellent accommodation for travelers. These range from the luxury to the low cost. There is something for everyone on the island. Some of the most popular accommodation choices on the island include the ones on the Palms Islands, Fundu Lagoon, and the Mnemba Island.

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