Where Is Paradise On Earth: Moorea, Tahiti

Where is Paradise, how do I find it, can you get there by plane? A clear candidate for that title must be the beautiful island of Moorea. The eight rising peaks that mark Moorea on the map seem to be carved into the sky, flushing emerald against the rosy glow of sunset. The waters are still, with only a finger of gold rippling across the surface and the balmy warmth of leftover sun cooling on the sands. Moorea, seemingly wild at your first approach welcomes you with open arms into the very bosom of sheer beauty.

Where Is Paradise On Earth Moorea Tahiti

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/AdamKhalife

The magical island of Moorea boasts all the delights of Tahiti but is a step away from the populous shores of neighboring Bora Bora. This is a place to ride horses across the sands, to sip a fresh cocktail and breathe a sigh of sweet relief and to dip languidly in the shimmering lagoons. The island of Moorea is famed for its exquisite and precious black pearls which are showcased on strings of silver and gold in the boutique of Tahia Collins.

Where Is Paradise On Earth Moorea Tahiti 2

The marine rich waters teem with life in Moorea making it an idyllic spot for snorkeling and diving. Bottle nose dolphins frolic in the gentle waves in the closed off area of the Intercontinental Hotel and those who want to get up close and personal can easily spend an afternoon feeding the playful creatures and swimming alongside them. Roadside stalls sit sleepily in the shade selling the sweetest pineapples that burst golden on the tongue accompanied by the authentic smiles of the locals. Take a drive around the island and witness endless plantations of soft cotton flowers wisping in the breeze, ripe dark coffee and sweet sugarcane.

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Relaxation is certainly on the cards on the green and blue isle of Moorea, you can find Tahiti’s first spa on the shores offering warm river baths, fresh papaya scrubs and tiare flower treatments to soothe your mind and your soul. Overwater bungalows and lush garden villas offer bountiful places to rest your head, to dine on the signature dish of poisson cru and to catch up on all that summer reading you have been dreaming about for months, in Paradise on earth.

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Top Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/DANIEL JULIE

Jodie Oakes

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