Winter Adventure Travel Bobsledding in Lake Placid

In summertime Lake Placid conjures up images of sleepy rocking chairs creaking next to mirrored lakes, but when the snow sweeps into town Lake Placid is transformed into a world of Après Ski energy, fine Fresh Mountain dining and winter Olympic fever.  Mountains glisten with snow, whiskey is sipped beside roaring fires and the dark forests echo with sterling silence. Scores of small boutique luxury hotels and exclusive five star resorts open their doors to welcome families and couples seeking adventures in the Adirondacks.

Nature, Romance and Decadent Adventures

From dining at farm to plate restaurants, hiking with your snowshoes strapped on and taking horse drawn carriage rides through the hushed forest tracks, winters in Lake Placid are a beautiful blend of nature, romance and the whisper of decadent adventures waiting around the corner.

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Feel the World Rush By

One of the most exciting winter sports has to be the ultimate bobsled experience at the Olympic Sports Complex. Climb into the rocket ship inspired bobsleds and feel the world rush past your ears as you thunder down the track, twisting and turning at death defying speeds. With a professional driver and brakeman you can feel the exhilaration as you bank high, slide, ride and careen through the famous track designed to make you feel like a gold medal winner. Pass like lightning through the complex turns of Shady, Labyrinth and The Heart – known to bobsled drivers from across the globe.

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Speed you Have Never Experienced Before

This is speed as you have never felt it before, speed that causes your body to tremble with the power and the landscape around you to blur into the background. Even though you start at the half way point you quickly pick up the pace as you feel the sled hum and vibrate beneath your bones. The surge of excitement kicks in and everything but this moment right here, right now, ceases to exist.  For adrenaline junkies and those who seek the high spirit of sheer adventure travel, bobsledding in Lake Placid is an incredible joy and a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy.

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Time to Unwind

After regaining stability in your shaking legs from all the excitement you can disappear into the calmer side of Lake Placid. Book a sensual signature massage at the Mirror Lake Spa, indulge in regional ingredients and fine wines beneath the soaring ceilings of Kanu at Whiteface Lodge or lose yourself in the symphony of sound with a concert at the Lake Placid Center for Arts.

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